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The Encephalitis Society is the global authority on encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and the only non-profit in the world providing direct support and information to people affected by all types of encephalitis, raising awareness about the condition, and furthering our understanding of encephalitis through promoting and collaborating on research.

Since our inception in 1994 we have been committed to exponentially expanding our reach and have developed into a unique global resource for people all over the world directly affected by encephalitis, their family members, those left bereaved by the condition, and the scientific, medical and health professionals supporting them. To this end, we provide an expert-led support service, run an award-winning, global awareness campaign – World Encephalitis Day – and host the go-to conference on the latest research on encephalitis for research professionals across the world.

The work of the Encephalitis Society is also supported by a 24-member strong advisory panel of world class neurology experts – clinicians and researchers at the forefront of our understanding of encephalitis, inclusive of our Chief Executive, Dr Ava Easton, who is an encephalitis expert and has published several papers and a book “Life After Encephalitis” on aspects of encephalitis and its after-effects.

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